Shir Madness Volunteers

The Shir Madness® festival is a community event organised by the Sydney Jewish Music Festival ABN 98104655780 (Shir Madness) a non-profit incorporated association. We are looking for enthusiastic people to volunteer who will engage with the community and bring their personality to the festival. Read this info, then complete the form below to apply.

The form will ask you to upload a photo of your face (similar to a Passport photo). A “selfie” taken on your phone is fine, as long as your face is clear and easily recognisable.  If you don’t have a photo now, you can still complete the form now, and send the photo later.

What you will need to do:

Back of vol t-shirt Pic Larry MeltzerWhat you get:


Roles required:

Volunteer Agreement

By completing the form below, I agree that, notwithstanding my being granted free access to the Shir Madness Festival or free or discounted access to any other goods or services provided by Shir Madness, as a volunteer, my participation in all activities is without financial consideration.

I understand that I do not have a formal work appointment for any particular services and may not be considered in any respect an employee of Shir Madness. I understand that Shir Madness has the right to release me as a volunteer without prior notice.

Shir Madness agrees to provide me with Voluntary Workers Compensation insurance to cover me for any accident or medical expenses incurred by me during the period I work as a volunteer. Shir Madness agrees to provide me with public liability insurance to protect me from any claims filed against me related to my duties as a volunteer.

I also acknowledge that, in my capacity as a volunteer, I may have access to private and/or confidential information. By signing this agreement I acknowledge that this information is valuable to Shir Madness and may also be protected from disclosure under the Privacy Act 1988 and other legislation, and any disclosure of this information, either intentionally or unintentionally, to anyone without the express written permission of Shir Madness would seriously damage Shir Madness and may be in breach of legislation. Therefore, I accept I have an obligation at all times to take all reasonable steps to protect Shir Madness from any disclosure of private or confidential information and I accept that this obligation extends to when I am no longer a volunteer of Shir Madness.

I am aware of the terms and conditions of this agreement and am agreeing to this agreement of my own free will. Further, by agreeing to this agreement I attest that I fully understand the terms contained herein and my responsibilities arising out of this agreement and that there is no impediment that I am aware of to my entering into this agreement.

Please note:  We reserve the right to charge the full registration to anyone who attends but does not fulfil his or her responsibilities on the day.


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